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Borrowing from the Best

July 20, 2021


This week’s Market Dominance Guys’ podcast wraps up a terrific three-part conversation between our guys, Chris Beall and Corey Frank, and their guest, Henry Wojdyla, Founder and Principal of RealSource Group. Today, Corey asks Henry how he’s finetuned his business perspective and cold-calling technique since his recent immersion in Market Dominance Guys. “I copy and steal religiously,” Henry freely confesses. “I’ve wholesale stolen Chris’ approach.”


Henry has gone so far as to distill all he learned into a playbook, with links to related parts of Market Dominance Guys’ podcasts. He references the episode, “You’d Better Believe It,” with Matt Forbes, Head of Strategic Accounts at ConnectAndSell. “Listen to Matt Forbes,” Henry advises passionately, “to the tone he uses when he talks about belief.” Henry extolls the cold-calling virtues of Cherryl Turner, Chief Development Officer of ConnectAndSell’s new Flight School Division, in “The Secret of Her Success” episode, and the value he gained from her belief that she’s the equal of anyone she speaks to on the phone. Believe me — you’ll want to hear the complete conversation between Chris, Corey, and Henry to get the full value from this week’s Market Dominance Guys’ episode, “Borrowing from the Best.”

When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

Lead That Cold Call With Trust, Not Value

About Our Guest

Henry Wojdyla is Founder and Principal of RealSource Group. RealSource Group is retained by institutional real estate investors, enhancing their speed and surety of execution through “off-market” acquisitions of medical office buildings and surgical centers.