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Why CEO’s Need to be Selling

July 8, 2020



You have this issue that has to be solved, but it's very rare that the company's issue of staying in business is actually tied tightly to individual reps needing to make the number. Where that came from was as a way of assessing performance within the territory that had been granted is actually a way to buy the territory. That is if I make my number this year, or exceed my number, then I get the territory for next year and I get a bigger number. Why do I get a bigger number? It's assumed it's easier to grow a territory.
So it was actually a purchasing mechanism where this independent business person called Sales Rep. purchases the territory in addition to enough compensation for their own business to stay alive. And they do it through performance by making the number. So there's an agreement that these territories are worth selling to you if you bring this much revenue. Some of it has to come from this product and some from this product. Companies put all these cool features in the comp plan, but none of those features actually have to do with solving real customer problems, the assumption is the product solves the problem. Buyer Beware, but Buyer Beware doesn't work very well in the B2B world where the buyer is
It's one of the reasons Chris thinks a CEO should sell. Tune in to hear the rest of this as well as the continuing saga of The Dog, The Fence and The Bone Problem from our last episode. Chris also covers the math regarding the end of the commute economy for knowledge workers and how we can pour money into the economy and have happier lives.
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