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The Hard Truths About Taking VC Funding

October 14, 2019


I know many veteran entrepreneurs would agree that “Raising venture capital is the easiest thing that a startup founder is probably ever going to do.”

Marc Andreessen said that the venture capital business is a 100% game of outliers- it’s all about extreme exceptions.”

“…think about it…there are on the order of 4-5000 ‘fundable’ companies a year, that want to raise venture capital.”

“…and about 300 of those will get funded by what’s considered a ’top tier VC’; about 25 of those will someday get to a 100M in revenue…”

“…and those 25 from that year, will generate something on the order of 97% of all the returns for the entire category of VC in that year.”

In this episode of Market Dominance Guys, Corey asked Chris to tackle the mindset around this Venture Capital seduction process and break it down with eyes fully open to its true purpose and function. Who should you have on your team to really give you the brutally honest feedback you need…before the VC enters the picture? And most importantly, how can you ensure that your VCs goals and YOUR goals are properly in alignment?

This is the Market Dominance Guys: “The Hard Truths about Taking VC Funding”        

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