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The first law of sales holes: If you find yourself in one, stop digging!

February 27, 2020


The United States may stake its claim as the first country to land on the moon but Russia can boast that it is the first country to drill the 2nd deepest man-made hole ever recorded here on Earth.

Since the early 1960s, scientists have attempted to drill down to the Earth's mantle. Why the mantle? Because we’re told that scientists only have a "reasonable" understanding of what it's made from, and how it works. 

In 1970, Russia entered the race to dig. But unlike the Moon landing, Russia achieved more than the US. Over the next 20 years, a Russian team of scientists drilled down 40,230 feet into the Earth… That's 7.6 miles. The hole, known as the "Kola superdeep borehole," is only nine inches in diameter. Nearby residents around the dig have said they could hear souls screaming in hell coming from the depths as the team dug deeper and deeper. Take advice from the Market Dominance Guys, if you find yourself in a sales hole, stop digging.

But the drilling – and the screaming - stopped in 1992 when the temperatures below became too hot and the drill bits quickly melted one after another. In fact, temperatures reached 356 degrees before they had to cease operations. And, despite reaching such incredible depth, Russia still never got close to the mantle.

But for those of us in the sales profession, there is still a deeper hole here on earth that we dig. Everyday. We dig it in our own cold calls. It’s called the Trust Hole and it’s truly the deepest hole on earth if we fall into it. It is truly inescapable. And we fall into it with our prospects when we say we are only going to innocently tell them why we called…and then blow past the initial trust allotment they’ve given to us, further test it, and then finally abuse it by pitching them your entire presentation. 

Vs simply building and investing the trust we have earned to get a Discovery Call.  

So in this week's episode of the Market Dominance Guys, Chris speaks of the cautionary tale that envelops us all too frequently on our cold calls. Because if you do the right thing and say the right thing on your initial cold call, you'll have some trust built in all of seven seconds. And if you do the right “next” thing, that trust will be converted to sufficient curiosity for them to take your Discovery meeting. If they are not interested in our initial pitch, the simple math of Market Dominance says to leave them alone…just come back later in your list cycle and restart the process. Don't attempt to squeeze any more from the call. Once you're out of trust, you're out of trust. There's no cash advance or check you can write to get more. Because you can never climb out of the trust hole for the rest of the relationship with that human being.

So put the hardhat on, tread lightly, and let’s start exploring this week’s episode entitled, “The first law of sales holes: "If you find yourself in one, stop digging!"

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