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The Dog, The Fence and the Bone Problem.

June 30, 2020


The problem in sales is that the desire for the transaction puts most salespeople already behind the eightball. When he was growing up, Chris' family put up a chain-link fence originally for the goats, but a few years later it helped with the dogs and inspired an experiment.

Chris opened the gate 30-40 feet away from where he put a dog bone over the fence. His dog tried to go over, under, and through the fence, but couldn't get to the bone. But it also didn't back up enough to see the open gate. This is what most salespeople do.

Use your expertise to back up and explore rather than trying to drive their nose through the fence to the juicy steak, the commission on the other side which is counter to the role you want to be in. Most salespeople are screwed up, and most sales compensation programs are screwed up. They encourage people to go through the fence rather than looking for the gate.

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