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91% of All Marketing Dollars are a Waste.

August 10, 2020

Sales and Marketing Alignment is a Myth - thank goodness.

Only 9% of all MQ's (marketing qualified leads) every result in a conversation. Worse than that, you have now stimulated your target audience to explore and investigate your competition. 91% of all marketing dollars are a waste. This is because Sales only contacts a prospect two times, rather than the 6 times requested or required.  That leaves 91% for your competitors to speak to. But the good news is, everyone else is doing the same thing. It may all work out.

Sales says the lack of reach means low quality leads. Marketing says good targeting means good quality leads, but without feedback, they'll never know. Marketing says, "You know, those salespeople, they won't talk to our leads!" Sales says, "Your leads suck!" which is translated to "we can't reach them. The best leads are those who are busy and important. The easy ones to reach aren't the best leads, yet sales is asking for precisely that - leads that are easy to reach.

What you really want are the ones that are most likely to need, value, pay fair prices for what you have and work with you and your team to solve their problems.

Don't mistake the dog who comes up and licks your hand with the one who will defend your house. Tune in to this episode to hear a story about single malt whiskey, the mother liquor, and leakage to the distillery across the road.

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