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Mr. Miyagi and the Theory of Market Dominance.

December 4, 2019


Rocky. The Karate Kid. The Average Joes. Rudy. Underdogs. We love them. They are the people who use their grit combined with their well-coached and newly acquired skills to make waves, cause the odds-makers fits, and run up the score. 

When you get funded by a VC and finally have the green light to release the Kraken and launch your vaunted sales machine, there is a temptation to run up the bill on the countless tools available in the sales and marketing stack and forget the meager stack from whence you came. 

“Stand back…I have capital and I’m not afraid to use it!”’ll think. 

  • Magic beans to make my phone ring?...I’ll take it!
  • A love potion to make my prospects swoon into a demo?...Yes, please!
  • A virtual dancing Elvis to get folks to download my white paper?...sure, why not?

You can spend the GDP of a small Caribbean country playing this game and feeling like you also have the perfect Millennial-friendly office, the best cold brew, and the ideal dress code and PTO policy. 

But the most sophisticated and successful stack and culture in the world can be had right now if you simply have a tight message that works combined with a mechanism to talk to hundreds of thousands of people a year…AND doing it with a small team of sincere and empathetic salespeople.

But is it realistic? 

In this episode I ask Chris if something like this only exists in the lab…or can it be really be seen in the wild.  

Welcome to the Market Dominance Guys and this week’s episode: “Mr. Miyagi and the Theory of Market Dominance.”


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