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Giving Your Data the Sniff Test

June 22, 2021

Giving Your Data the Sniff Test with Tom Zheng on Market Dominance Guys


Our Market Dominance Guy, Chris Beall, is flying solo again this week as he meets with data guru Tom Zheng. Tom is a business intelligence engineer and works as an independent contractor in the field of data analysis. In other words, he spends his days making sense out of those large quantities of data that tend to pile up in businesses. As CEO of ConnectAndSell, Chris uses Tom’s data analysis services to guide him through the often-confusing pathways that data can create. As Chris says, because data is kept in ways that are not always optimal for analysis, business leaders need people like Tom to help make sense of it, so they’ll know if they’re dominating their market or not, or if they’re making or losing money on different parts of their business.

With education credentials in economics and finance, Tom employs his talents in data engineering, data architecture, and data analysis. Along with these skills, he brings a great bedside manner — coupled with brutal honesty — to his data-sharing sessions with CEOs. To get to an actionable truth about the numbers he’s analyzing for companies, Tom uses a series of questions that he asks himself and his clients: “Is this data meaningful? Is it true? And does it lead us somewhere or not?” Take a listen to how expert data analysis can help you dominate your market on today’s Market Dominance Guys’ episode, “Giving Your Data the Sniff Test.”

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About Our Guest
Tom Zheng, a business intelligence engineer, and independent contractor, is a seasoned data guru who specializes in transforming your company’s data into actionable insights. With experience throughout the entire data value chain, from designing robust data ecosystems, implementing automated pipelines, and visualizing results in meaningful ways, Tom’s unique storytelling approach will help you discover those “Aha!” moments needed to challenge traditional thinking and assumptions. He can be reached at (416) 877-5412.