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Get the DeLorean; My Profession is Stuck in 1855!

November 18, 2019


Today, when you examine the toolbox of the modern sales professional, many of us immediately see the abundance of options in the marketing and sales stacks that decorate most of our desktops…I have tools that can disguise my phone number, I know when someone opens an email, I can do a virtual face to face meeting…AI and machine learning tools even tell me what to say and who I should say it to…a scale of portable technology and advancement and capital on any ordinary rep desktop that would leave an Apollo-era NASA slide-ruled engineer in your dust.

But what about the techniques, behaviors, and go to market strategies of that same modern sales professional?

Sadly, for most of us, we’re still stranded in mid-century America. But not the mid 20th Century,  rather, I’m speaking of the mid 19th Century America of 33 states. The mid-century of America where the new hot book on the scene was not Good To Great or The Lean Startup, but instead a fresh little nautical fiction text entitled Moby Dick.

In this episode, Chris takes us through a virtual time warp of strategy, territories, and compensation as a salesperson.

Some things have indeed changed, But some remain firmly entrenched in a midcentury President Franklin Pierce’s America. This is the Market Dominance Guys and today’s episode “Get the DeLorean; My Profession is Stuck in 1855!”


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